Tuesday, November 10, 2009

USA At Expo 2010 Update

"Six months before the opening of the Shanghai 2010 Expo, the team assembling the United States pavilion is racing to raise $20 million of the $61 million needed for the structure."

According to this article, it sounds like things still aren't going as one would hope with the USA Pavilion at the Shanghai 2010 Expo. Still, it's believed that the final amount of funding will be raised by the end of the year and the Pavilion will open on time.

The United States was pretty late in the game to sign up as an official participant in the 2010 World Expo, coming in as registrant number 191 out of a total of 192. The problem has always been with funding, as law states that no federal cash can be used for World Expo exhibitions.

The United States Pavilion will feature a 4-D theater that is being designed by BRC Imagination arts, who have a lot of Expo and themed entertainment experience - so the final presentation should be well done.