Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekly Rewind 11.14.09

Lots of drama going on with Kings Island's Son of Beast wooden roller coaster, but I wanted to point out that the Dayton Daily News has some interesting photos up of the ride through the years. They range from construction, before loop era, after loop era, and more.

The quest to reopen Six Flags New Orleans continues to get more twisted. Nickelodeon ended their licensing agreement with Southern Star Amusements, and then SSA offered to outright buy the park on their own.

Paulton's Park attempts to gain permission to keep their Cobra roller coaster open after being told they didn't have permission to build that ride, along with another one named the Edge.

Getting closer to finishing their financial reorganization, Six Flags has agreed to a new plan put forth by Avenue Capital Management. It's more favorable to creditors than what was previously proposed, and hopefully it will help hasten the company's reemergence from chapter 11.

Despite excessively soggy conditions, Kings Dominion has continued to work on Intimidator 305 as best they can. The delicate process of building the ride's lift hill is now underway. New photos posted to the ride's official website.

Cedar Point has also continued work on their new water ride, Shoot the Rapids. Pieces of the steel track used for the rides lifts and drops have started to arrive on site as well.

The Disneyland Paris Resort had one of its best financial years ever in 2008, sadly 2009 is not shaping up to be quite as good. Even though the resort had a small increase in attendance, revenues were down significantly. The results are putting future expansions at the resort in jeopardy.

After being closed for a lengthy renovation, Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is just about ready to reopen for guests. The Disney Parks Blog has photos and details of what passengers will encounter on their journey to space.

Sentosa Theme Park has some nice videos of rides and attractions at Universal Studios Singapore, including the red side of the Battlestar Galactica coaster testing. That launch up the lift looks great!

What was the mysterious second half of the Gravity Group's new add for IAAPA? Why timberliner images of course! Check it out on their website.