Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekly Rewind 11.28.09

The official location of the Shanghai Disneyland project has been announced - the park will be built at the "Chuansha town of Pudong New Area," not that I have any clue where that is. Always nice to see the project creeping forward, though.

Though it's not huge news, it always grabs my attention when a new B&M coaster is said to be added... anywhere. This time, something called World Joyland in China is said to be adding a Flying ride with a vertical loop. New design elements from B&M? Interesting.

Financially troubled Terra Mitica, located in Spain, has three new possible suitors looking to take over the park. One of the listed companies is - surprise - Parques Reunidos. The theme park has some nice attractions, like Inferno, seen above, but has long struggled is declining attendance and yearly losses.

Nut Tree Park in California closed its amusement rides last year, and it looks like their fun little Miler family coaster has been saved and will move to Dixie Landin' Theme Park next year. Always nice when a used coaster gets a new home.

If there is one thing Alton Towers is good at it's PR stunts. Now they've gone and hired Simon Cowell's former bodyguard to protect fans from seeing anymore of their new coaster until the park is good and ready. They must have a big marketing budget.

Here's some dangerous news for us park nuts that also have a Disney devotion - they've started to sell park merchandise online! Yes, the Disney Store online now offers goodies previously only available at the parks. My bank account better watch out.

Sea World Australia is going to redo their Arrow Corkscrew coaster with new theming and new Kumbak trains. The ride's new name and logo are seen above - and that's one ugly fish! Best of all, it opens this Christmas already!

Proslide's TantrumTwist was the winner of this year's Best New Water Park Ride at this year's IAAPA convention. The company has been debuting new slides at a regular pace in recent years, and it looks like they have another winner on their hands. Expect these to pop up at parks everywhere.

We reported earlier this week about the Water Cube's transformation into an indoor water park - well ParkWorld has concept art of the designs as well as the official name: Happy Magic Watercube. Too funny!


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