Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Various Universal Singapore Updates

The Sentosa Theme Park blog just posted a video of the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster taken close up from inside the under construction Universal Studios Singapore. Along with the awesome shots of the ride's track, they also have close up views of the trains for the inverted side of the ride. They look somewhat comfortable, certainly more so then their older Vekoma brethren.

The park has also been posting some cool images on their Facebook account recently, like

This nice shot of some designers standing inside the course of the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure just under the signature entrance arch that leads guests into dino territory.

And this shot of the famous Universal Globe being constructed at the main entrance of the theme park.

The official blog of Resort World Sentosa also recently took readers on a tour of the Lost World section of the theme park. Filled with goodies like this photo:

Of the final drop and splash area of the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. (for the record, I'm somewhat obsessed with this ride because I always thought the previous JP rides should have been a river rapids, and Sinapore finally granted my wish!) Looks like they're using two drops inside that Hydroelectric Plant to help with capacity!

More photos of the rides and attractions of the Lost World can be seen on their blog.

Things sure are shaping up nicely!