Monday, November 16, 2009

Hershey Park 1989 Map Part 2

Here's the top half of that 1989 Hershey Park souvenir map we were looking at yesterday:

Since the park was smaller back then, it was easier to fit nicely into one big rectangle... that would be considerably more difficult now with the addition of Midway America and The Boardwalk. Other highlights...

Superdooperlooper is still in it's brown color scheme, not the current dark blue hues.

• Where are all the coasters!? No Storm Runner, Great Bear, Fahrenheit, Sidewinder, Roller Soaker, Wildcat, Wild Mouse, or Lightning Racer.

• Canyon River Rapids is still shown, which was pretty much the end of the park in those days. Frontier Shoot Out wet/dry slides were also still standing, making that corner of the park the 'wet area' as it was.

• Tower Plaza was the name of the area that eventually became Minetown when it was greatly expanded in 1990.