Friday, November 20, 2009

Scott And Carol Present - Friday At IAAPA

Here are some more news items from the floor of IAAPA. Sally, (,) has introduced a new concept in Dark Rides. Traditionally, the riders do all the shooting at the targets but now you have to look out for the villains can strike back.

The story line is you are an energy miner bring solar crystals to Earth while being chased by a notorious band of pirates. When the pirates score a hit, sirens blast, lights flash, and even the cars can spin. With two different endings and the unpredictability of an interactive ride, it will take a while for riders to master this attraction.

The IRIS companies, (,) can provide any type of lanyard, badge holder or badge reel an amusement park requires. With different options available, personal preferences can be accommodated with only one supplier. Chances are the lanyard accompanying you season pass came from that company.

Another interesting dark ride concept is from Gosetta SRL, ( Their portable dark ride features an overhead track and adds an interesting twist where the riders exit the “dark” and find themselves on the second level outside with out anything beneath them. Coming soon to a showman near you, this is a new twist on the portable dark ride.

At Maurer Soehne, (,) they have designed a non-inverting loop for their spinning coaster. They also announced at new train, but they are still perfecting it at it won’t be on any rides for another season or two. Couples can decide who gets the floorless or floored ride as they get on the train, which should eliminate the discussions outside the entrance to many attractions.

Not much news along with this picture. We have awarded Rides for U, (,) the Scott & Carol Award for the coolest booth entrance. You almost need sunglasses, but it sure fit in with the Bright Lights theme for the show

If you walk down the strip, you can see some of Gary Goddard Entertainment’s, (,) work. They can theme even a candy store to a level that stands out in Las Vegas, no small feat.

The return of Mr. Fuzzy caused a stir on the floor. Many people stood and watched as he did his tricks, and many amusement parks and family entertainment centers appeared interested in adding him to their redemption prized options.

Premier Rides, (,) had their roller coaster chain options on display, which it amusing because none of their coasters use them, they are all LIM powered. Here is a shot of the different varieties. They also displayed their drifting car coaster, which allows the car to pivot in relation to the track.

AIMS, (,) held their recertification and other interest meetings in conjunction with IAAPA this year. They are responsible for ensuring guest safety, and by being coincidental with IAAPA, many people who never heard of the organization achieved that vital first contact.

A first time exhibitor was Alpine Products, ( In addition to alpine slide, now they have developed a coaster product that is locked to the track, has on board sensor for an automatic collision avoidance system, and even brake lights to alert a chain of riders.

The two riders sit in tandem.

Something we are very excited about is the announcement that Six Flags has agreed to launch the first 5D-Attraction in the US as part of the Six Flags 50th Anniversary. More details will be announced later, but Scott can hardly wait. He wanted to fly over to Austria to experience the original.

So, that will do it for this IAPPA 2009, we along with the more than 23,000 attendees are breathing a sigh of relief that the marathon has been run!

Scott & Carol