Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Colossal Curl Rising at Adventure Island

With the 2015 season just a little over six weeks from now, Tampa's Adventure Island water park has kicked Colossal Curl construction into high gear.  The new slide combines funnel and wave features that the entire family can enjoy together on four person rafts.

Back in December the water park shared this flyover video of the Colossal Curl work site, where foundations were underway.  This gives those of you who've been to the park a great idea of where the new slide is going.

© Adventure Island
A nice aspect of water slide additions is that the support structures can go up rather quickly.  It wasn't long after Adventure Island had the foundations complete that work on building the main support tower started. 

While the slide's tower was being built, crews were also busy starting to assemble parts of the slide in a service area.  This video, also produced by Adventure Island, shows off this process and gives some fun facts about the giant attraction.  I must say that while the slide is the same as the one that opened recently in Virginia at Water Country USA, this color scheme gives it a fitting tropical feel.  Both slides are great looking, though!

© Adventure Island
And this now brings us to current day, where the slide is now being installed!  The park just posted this photo of Colossal Curl's funnel section now in place.  Looking good so far, and no doubt that it won't be long until the rest of the structure is in place.

Adventure Island's 2015 season starts on March 7th, though no official word yet on whether or not Colossal Curl will open then.