Monday, January 12, 2015

New Aerial Perspective of Disney's Animal Kingdom Avatar Expansion

© Your Flying Camera via YouTube
It wasn't too long ago that we got our first aerial look at the development of the Avatar themed land under construction at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park, but what a difference a month or so makes!

We first saw that plenty of foundations had been poured for buildings and other structures in the area, but now things have gone vertical, and quickly (this actually makes me wonder if the first batch of photos were from earlier in the fall).  The main building, which appears to hold four theaters for viewing the E Ticket simulator style ride, is growing quickly in newer shots.  An adjacent structure has had loads of concrete poured for a foundation, but hasn't been framed out much more than that.  Other smaller structures and concrete barriers (to be used for exactly what I am unsure) are also sprouting up.

The image above comes from a new video posted to YouTube, taken from an aerial drone video camera.  Make sure to click over to watch the video in high definition. 

The vertical construction is exciting, but I'm really interested in seeing the theming start to be applied to the Avatar area.  The concept art has me ready for some stunningly beautiful environments, and I can't wait to see that take shape!  We'll have to hold tight for probably another six months until the good stuff starts, though.