Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - Construction Update on ZDT'S Amusement Park's Switchback

Back on Wednesday November 19th 2014 we brought the ZDT"s Amusement Park/Gravity Group Switchback announcement. Today we are pleased to provide you  a photo update of Switchback's construction. But first a little back ground on ZDT's Amusement Park. 

Off of I-10 approx 40 miles East of San Antonio, in Seguin Texas  ZDT's is a family owned park, geared toward families. In fact the park's name comes from the first initial of the owners children.

Opening in March 2007 with 5 attractions, Six years later the park has more than doubled and now offers 12 attractions.  Here is the report we received from the park:

We are currently pouring the foundation piers for the back half of Switchback, which will provide support to the incredible 104 degree over-banked turn! After breaking through this turn, riders will find themselves immediately plunging through the walls of the tin building that lays at the very heart of the coaster's layout. Throughout the ride, this building will provide a key element of suspense as riders are ripped through it's front awning and into it's walls, keeping the entire ride exciting with no dull moments! This will be the first section of Switchback to begin taking shape in the coming weeks, and we're giving you a peak into the progress of it's construction. The following link will allow you to view construction pictures we have taken, a collection that we will add to on a regular basis to keep you all updated.

Opening in 2015 The Switchback will be ZDT's largest attraction and the world's only wooden shuttle coaster. Being a shuttle will allow riders to run the entire course of the ride twice without sacrificing the initial over-hill drop by employing a track switch at the end to shift the riders back to where they started.

Inspired by America's first-ever roller coaster, the Switchback Railway. This 1884 coaster at Coney Island took riders back and forth on a straight wooden track at 6 mph, and set the path for a revolution in rides and entertainment that is still being felt today. 

The Switchback also brings a symbolic touch to the park. An original Santa Fe executive train car sits in the center of the property, commemorating the retired epicenter of commerce and the railway that once ran through it.

Our thanks to the Donhauser family for providing the construction photos. For more information on ZDT's Amusement Park visit their website