Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New 2016 Dark Ride Approved at Thrope Park

England's Thorpe Park has been given formal approval to move forward with constructing a giant building in the theme park which will house what is assumed to be a dark ride of some sort.  The 2016 project's plans were released when the planning application was filed (available here), which is where the above layout is from.  Since it's just a building, it's not that interesting, though.  It's a pretty big building at over 26,000 square feet, so whatever attraction goes in it will have plenty of room - the queue is outside under a canopy so that doesn't affect things in that sense.

The planning documents have some drawings of the building's elevations, along with proposed theming.  Above is one side of the structure, showing an overall gritty feel to the theme.  Some brickwork is used, but mostly there's a run-down look - also the remainder of the building has a very basic shipping container/metal siding look.

There's some talk of the ride having a Doctor Who theme - but that's purely rumor for right now.  My personal Doctor Who knowledge stops at a blue phone booth, so I have no idea if this artwork would fit in with that series' feel.

Looking forward to hearing more about the theme and nature of this ride - can't have too many dark rides around!