Thursday, January 22, 2015

Silver Dollar City Places Historic Bell Tower in Fireman's Landing

The exciting $8 million addition to Silver Dollar City, a new area known as Fireman's Landing, hit an important milestone recently: the setting of a historic bell tower atop the area's fire station.  The iron bell was forged in 1895 - yes that's an 18 not a 19 - and weighs in at 640 pounds.  Ringing bells atop fire stations traditionally signaled to the community that there was a fire, so it is fitting for the new themed area.

© Silver Dollar City
"This 'Setting of the Bell Tower' begins the countdown for the March/spring break opening of Fireman's Landing," said Brad Thomas, General Manager of Silver Dollar City.  "2015 is going to our biggest family year ever, as not only are we adding Fireman's Landing, but also the world famous Harlem Globetrotters are joining us all summer in their first-ever extended-run show."

Fireman's landing will ten new "family adventures" in the form of six new rides and four attractions.  The expansion brings the park's list of attractions to over 40, and adds an additional 21,000 rides per hour to the park's capacity.

© Silver Dollar City
Fireman's Landing is themed to a "community fair of over a century ago," where new volunteer firefighters are being recruited.  The rides and attractions serve as training adventures for new recruits.

According to Silver Dollar City the area's theming is especially significant because "the 1880s town Marmaros, once located on the site of Silver Dollar City, was burned to the ground by a blaze more than 100 years ago."   "Now fast forward to the fictional story for Fireman's Landing, where the citizens band together to prevent such an event," said Thomas.   

You can read more about Fireman's Landing, which should be open by Spring Break, on Silver Dollar City's website.