Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Carowinds Zooming Along with Fury 325 Construction

With the holidays now behind us, Carowinds has kicked the construction of Fury 325 into high gear once again.  The park now has more than half of the ride's track in place, and at 6,602 feet long that's a considerable accomplishment.  The view above shows the ride earlier today, crews had moved on after placing the below grade dive, now working on a 101 foot tall high speed banked turn.

© Mike Fehnel
The park's General Manager has done a great job showing off current photos of the ride from angels we otherwise wouldn't see.  Last week the park had just completed the 157 foot tall horseshoe turn, and he sent out this photo.  The element serves as Fury 325's turnaround point, and uses 91 degree banking at the top of the hill - followed by a "weightless" dive into a tunnel.

© Mike Fehnel
Here's another view of the element, with a focus on the tunnel that the horseshoe turn around empties into.  You can see the footings for the bridge that will go over this track being formed on either side - visitors to the park will cross this bride on their way to the all-new entrance plaza at Carowinds.  You can also see the track for Fury 325 that will zoom over their heads as well on the far right of the photo.

© Mike Fehnel
We will finish with one last photo, this of that high speed banked turn that's just going up currently.  I'm guessing this was taken from the exit of the entrance tunnel.

Crews only have a handful of elements yet to install until Fury 325's track is complete, including another camelback hill, a gigantic helix under the ride's second hill, and two finale high-speed camelbacks.