Saturday, January 24, 2015

Take A Peek at Darien Lake's Planning Application for 2015 Ride

Darien Lake is planning to add a new Larson Giant Loop in 2015, and while still unannounced the park has gone to local planning authorities to seek approval for the addition.  The "big circle ride" (as the application describes) will replace the UFO flat ride that's been at Darien Lake for ages.

Granted the ride's planning documents are not especially exciting, but it's always interesting to see all the requirements parks have to submit, even for just a new flat ride on the same spot as another.

The location of the Giant Loop.
The project has an estimate cost of $1 million according to the documents, and is not planned to affect the park's attendance or traffic patterns.  The addition is certainly something that I see worth advertising, but not something that will drive loads of new visitors, at least it seems like that's how the park feels.

An old map that still shows Six Flags...
Many fans of parks think that it's fairly easy to build a new attraction, when it's actually often quite the opposite.  Granted parks, and the tax/local economic impact they have, tend to eventually get to build what they've planned - but not without plenty of red tape.  From property line set backs to flood plain considerations, there's plenty to cover.

Some detailed specifications of the new ride.
At least with this new attraction at Darien Lake, the only real site preparation will be to remove the UFO's foundations, according to documents.  The ride will be placed such that is it parallel to the Ferris wheel nearby.

Darien Lake is an interesting park that's had some difficulty getting a real identity down since Six Flags pumped it up, then dumped it.  Each little expansion is helping to bring things back to order, and the recent water park additions were much needed and a great move.  Hopefully the future remains bright for this park.

To check out the details of the submitted plans, here's a link to the .pdf documents.