Saturday, January 10, 2015

Batman The Ride Updates from Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Since the ride's announcement back in late summer, things have been fairly quiet with regard to Six Flags Fiesta Texas' Batman The Ride.  The new style of 4-D coaster will take riders up to 120 feet in the air, after which magnetic fins on the cars will cause six inverted moments throughout the course.

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
The park is not quite ready to start building the actual coaster, instead it has been focusing on getting the area of the park ready.  Batman The Ride will replace the park's antique car attraction, the track for which was already cleared out weeks ago.  The park has recently demolished the car ride's station (seen above in different phases) in order to make more room for Batman.  The ride will have a themed indoor queue, with entry from the Rockville section of the theme park.

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Obviously before the park can start to erect the coaster, the track and supports for it have to arrive.  Well, it sounds like that will be happening rather soon!  Six Flags Fiesta Texas has shared these views of the first track pieces for Batman The Ride being loaded onto a truck to be sent to the park.  I'm assuming that the track pieces have been fabricated in Utah - the mountains in the background also give that some backing I think.  The unique style of coaster requires some unusual coaster track... honestly it would be easy to think this is for a bridge or something!

More updates on the ride as construction progresses!