Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Six Flags Great Adventure Gives Devilish Retheme to 2015 Attraction

Six Flags Great Adventure has given a makeover to it's new for 2015 ride, previously announced as Looping Dragon.  The attraction was originally set to open in the park's Golden Kingdom with the "Asian-inspired" name, but will now be called El Diablo - a decidedly more "devilish" theme.  The ride will now be located in the park's Plaza del Carnaval area next to El Toro.  El Diablo will utilize a part of Rolling Thunder's former footprint, able to use a part of the former wood coaster's queue as well.

"The Jersey devil has deep roots in our state's history, and inspired the new theme for our upcoming thrill ride," said Park President John Fitzgerald.  The giant ride, in a bold red color scheme, "features riders sitting in “face-off” seats rocketing forward and backward pendulum style until the train gains enough momentum to complete a full revolution seven stories in the air."  After fully inverting riders, El Diablo will briefly pause at the top of the structure - with riders totally upside down - and then reverse the direction of travel for more loops.

"El Diablo is the perfect addition to Plaza del Carnaval, as it appeals to both thrill seekers and families alike.  Rides like El Toro and Tango attract a wide audience to this area, which also provides ample opportunities for dining, shopping and relaxation from the excitement of the world’s largest theme park," Fitzgerald added.

The new attraction will have a 48 inch height requirement, and is set to open at Six Flags Great Adventure in the Spring.