Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fun Spot America + Gatorland Team Up to Create Gator Spot

John Arir Jr. at today's announcement © Fun Spot
Fun Spot American and Gatorland broke ground today on Gator Spot, a brand new addition at the quickly expanding Orlando amusement park.

Gator Spot will be 15,000 square feet of gator-fun, featuring both alligators and crocodiles - including rare white alligators.  The $1 million addition is already underway and will be constructed over the next two months with a grand opening soon after.

Official ground breaking shot! © Fun Spot
Being described as "jawsome," the new joint-venture will "bring a new level of interaction, entertainment and education to the family owned" Fun Spot America.

“We are excited to be working with Gatorland and the history they bring to Orlando and our industry,” states John Arie Jr, Chief Operating Officer of Fun Spot America. “Being able to offer this experience to all our guests at the International Drive location is another unique experience visitors to Orlando can share with their families and friends. Gatorland and Fun Spot together is HUGE!”

The layout of the new GatorSpot © Fun Spot
Guests visiting Gator Spot will see several different displays, shown above, including baby alligators, giant alligators up to 12 feet in length, crocodiles and the white gators.  There will also be interactive features, and a retail and photo location within the development too.  Admission for both adults and children will be a flat $6.

Fun Spot American also recently announced the addition of another thrill ride, an S&S swing ride named Space Invader.  So great to see this park continuing to expand so quickly!