Monday, January 19, 2015

SkyScreamer Rising at Six Flags Mexico

© Six Flags Mexico
Oh Geez... with all the new rides going up these days I almost forgot that Six Flags Mexico is building a SkyScreamer swing ride in 2015!

The park's 242 foot tall version was announced back at the end of August with all the other 2015 Six Flags projects, but we haven't seen much about it since then.

These attractions require an extensive set of footings to be poured, and with that phase complete the park is now taking SkyScreamer vertical. They've shared the above photo of the first two sections of the ride's tower in place.  The red color used so far will eventually transition into white, and then finally green - rounding out the colors of Mexico's flag.  SkyScreamer at Six Flags Mexico will be the chain's 9th instillation of a Funtime created Star Flyer when it opens later this year.