Friday, January 16, 2015

Bay Beach Amusement Park Adding Three New Rides

© Bay Beach Amusement Park
A new expansion has been announced by Bay Beach Amusement Park, one that will see the addition of three new rides over the next two seasons.

In addition to the new attractions, the park will expand their train's route.  The path will be extended so that the tracks run all the way out and around the Zippin Pippin roller coaster.

The park plans to have two of the new rides open this coming Summer.  They are the 40 foot tall Tot Jumping Spring, a gentle drop tower aimed at kids and a Rockin' Tug.  The Rockin' Tug is brand new, while the Tot Jumping Spring has been purchased from another park.

In 2016 the park plans to build a Falling Star, a bigger ride that is more thrilling.  This ride is also used, and according to this news story both used rides were too good a deal to pass up.

Bay Beach Amusement Park is city-run, and uses donations and its own profits to expand.  The park previously released a long term growth plan that is being accelerated by its success - great news for the park!


Unknown said...

Ha! I just now read this article. Just looking at this I noticed the date on this. A month before this article was posted I was messaging Bay Beach through Facebook. I asked what rides would be coming in the future. The person (I believe the person was a woman) asked me what rides I could see going into the park. I told her that a Falling Star would look good facing the Bay or at the end of the property overlooking the Bay, Zippin Pippin, and the Sea Dragon, and/or a Music Express/Rock and Roll ride themed to Elvis and other such artists next to the Pippin Plaza. She messaged me back with a winky face and said that they were on talks for one of the rides I mentioned. Fun right? I wonder if it will be the Rush Street Flyer that just closed at Six Flags Over Mid America or the Danny Phantom Ghost Zone that just closed at Nickelodeon Universe.