Saturday, January 17, 2015

Carowinds Unveils Fury 325's Lead Car!

© Carowinds
During a special event today for industry fans, Carowinds unveiled the first of Fury 325's lead coaster cars.  The sleek trains are the standard Bolliger & Mabillard "sit down" models, complete with some great looking decals and the ride's logo on the front.  Gray is used heavily on the front piece, with the seats and restraints reflecting the ride's track colors.

© Mike Fehnel
Here is one more shot of the car, zoomed out slightly, showing off more of the mechanics under the car.  This style of restraint has long been a favorite of coaster fans, as it gives a truly open and free feeling while on the ride.

And while we're speaking about Fury 325, the park has nearly completed the track!  There's only one more camel back left to be installed until the track will meet up with the already in place brake run.  It's amazing how quickly the instillation went by!  Keep up to date on the ride's final progress via the park's webcams.

Carowinds just recently loaded their 2015 operating season onto their website - so click on over and get planning!