Monday, June 4, 2012

A Western View - The Man of Steel Rises

2012’s wild card attraction continues to ride and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s skyline has begun to change.

Superman Ultimate Flight has risen and by the writing of this, its track work should be complete.  The ride is truly impressive in person; it towers over its surroundings.  Superman is easily the most unique new attraction of 2012 and we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

 As I stated a few days ago, signs around the park have quietly been changed from “Late Spring” to just “Coming Soon.”  Word spread earlier this week that the park accidently posted June 21st as the Season Pass Preview and June 22nd as opening day on the official website.  The park quickly removed the date, but the damage was done.  According to sources within the park the date is accurate right now as a target, but will likely change if any issues arise.

The park is heavily advertising the Season Pass Preview night, though no date is yet given.

The ride’s “cliffhanger” drop is seriously wicked and should give a great thrill.

And that drop head straight into the impressive non-inverting loop.

Even though it was a Sunday, crews were out in full force constructing the ride.  At least 4 track pieces were put in place over the course of the day.   The main focus was the incline out of the launch.

We had the luck of watching the park place a few pieces.

Looks like one support is a little stubborn and doesn’t want to fit properly.  

The ride actually has a number of supports that appear to have been modified and welded.

The ride awaits its giant Superman shield.

That will wrap everything up for today.  We hope to bring you more coverage in the coming week before


aarlene said...

Its great!!!! Scary too!!!