Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something New on the Horizon for Universal Studios Florida?

Fans of Universal Studios Florida have been buzzing the past few days over a permit that was recently filed allowing the park to remove part of their Soundstage 44 building.

The rumors immediately started flying as to what would replace the ride, everything from an East Coast version of Transformers to a permanent year-round Haunted House attraction.  Needless to say, the park's keeping quiet on their plans.

Here is Soundstage 44 from the air, the structure is located near the front of the park by Shrek and adjacent to the Monsters Cafe.  So if a haunted house proves true then that's a nice fit to have next door.  It is a rather large building, having sat unused for a while now but previously home to the Murder She Wrote attraction, then later a live show.

With the Potter expansion coming to the Studios in a several years whatever this turns out to be could be a nice filler attraction.  Or perhaps it is a brand new set of really big bathrooms!  Either way, the park has quickly started demolition so they're moving quick, probably won't be too long till more information surfaces.