Friday, June 1, 2012

Coming Soon to Discovery Kingdom

While driving by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today I couldn't help but stop by and snap a quick picture of the increasingly impressive Superman Ultimate Flight.

Unfortunately, the passenger drop-off area doesn't give the greatest of angles, lucky for you I'll be at the park on Sunday to get all sorts of pictures!  Currently, the ride's support structure appears to be almost complete while the track work is about 50% done.   The non-inverting loop has 1 or 2 pieces to go to complete it and then all that is left is the spiraling climb to the top and the heart line roll.

But now for the bad news, the park has quietly changed all signs and their website from "Opening Late Spring" to "Coming Soon."  This has all but sealed the fate that the park no longer intends to have ride open by June 21st; and one can only hope they have it going by the busy July 4th holiday.  I hold out great faith that the ride will open quickly after the track is complete, as the park has already loaded the ride's train and spent a lot of time on electrical work.  I'll have more information to share after the weekend.