Saturday, June 9, 2012

Riding the Cyclone for a Good Cause

© Luna Park

Now these are some brave folks - members of nine different non-profit organizations are currently taking part in a riding marathon on the Coney Island Cyclone in an attempt to win the $24,000 grand prize for their charity.

The contest is being held in honor of the Cyclone's 85th birthday, and the current operator of the ride, Zamperla, is fronting the prize money.  Teams are riding for such charities as Give Kids the World, American Cancer Society, and the Special Olympics NYC.

© Luna Park

The marathon started at 11 am today, and the park has been providing constant updates on the status of the contest via Twitter.  They've also posted several photos and interviews with the different riding teams on their Facebook page.  Several contestants have already dropped out, but most of the teams are still represented as of this writing.

Good luck to all the riders! Make sure not to have a big dinner!