Monday, June 11, 2012

New (Amazing) Photos of Silver Dollar City Construction

Branson's Silver Dollar City theme park has something good cooking for the park's 2013 season, very good indeed.  The park has been furiously building a new wooden coaster, rumored to be provided by Rocky Mountain Construction, the company responsible for the incredible makeover of the Texas Giant.

The ride's lift hill is already completed, even with the company's unique topper track and stairs installed.  In this recent updated from SDCFans we have gotten our first glimpse of the ride's first drop - which look very steep and the type of element that will have coaster fans flocking to the park next season from across the globe.

Once the drop is complete it may become a bit harder to see what's ahead due to the thick layer of trees surrounding the ride and some dramatic elevation changes, but I'm okay with a few surprises.  Seeing a drop like the one they've created is more than enough to hold my interest!

This riding season has proven to be one of the best we've seen in some time as far as new coasters are concerned, is it possible that 2013 could actually outdo it?