Saturday, June 23, 2012

SeaWorld Orlando's Journey To Atlantis

It has been many years since I've been on SeaWorld Orlando's Journey to Atlantis, a combo dark ride and water coaster that opened at the park in 1998.  I remember that the attraction looked really neat when it was announced, complete with a flushed out storyline, plenty of theming, and both water and coaster elements.

Then I rode it and... well... the ride is awkward.  The theming comes across as a little nutty, and between making an attempt at actually following the story (which is quite confusing) and playing name-that-Danny-Elfman music, it's a bit of a blur.  What seemed cool in concept was a bit odd in reality.

I'm thinking about this because there's not too much exciting going on right now, and I happened to be on You Tube and came across a pov of the ride.  Then I found some more, and in the end I wanted to share the ride's kookiness with you all.  Enjoy.