Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Experience the Tube Top at Elitch Gardens

© Elitch Gardens

When I covered all the ride openings that took place over Memorial Day weekend it was inevitable that I would forget a few... and I did just that to Denver, Colorado's Elitch Gardens, which opened their new slide for the first time.

Somewhat curiously named Tube Top, the ride is a Proslide tantrum, and features a totally enclosed course that drops rafts into a mini-funnel after twisting around in darkness.  In the funnel the rafts climb the walls providing an extra thrill, followed by some additional turns then a splash into daylight.  The ride's bright purple and yellow color scheme certainly has helped to attract attention to Elitch's waterpark, which is included with general admission.

Tube Top is not the only addition to the park in 2012.  Two new children's rides have also been added, the Rockin' Tug (pictured at left) and the Tike Bikes.  Both are included in the refreshed Kiddieland section of Elitch Gardens, which has also received a fancy new entrance and a new theater.

A selection of new live entertainment offers have also opened, including a Cirque style production and Reflections, a nighttime outdoor show.