Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mirabilandia's DiVertical Almost Ready to Open

I'm happy to admit that Mirabilandia's new water coaster, DiVertical, is looking a bit more impressive than during its earlier test runs.  Now moving at full speed, the coaster aspect of the ride is really kicking in, including the ride's second hill which looks to provide a bit of nice air-time.

Set to have a grand opening on June 16th, the Intamin designed DiVertical take's the Pilgrims Plunge at Holiday World a step further, adding a somewhat traditional coaster section after the big drop.  It isn't until the very end of the ride that the big splash takes place.  The ride's elevator lift stands impressively tall at almost 200 feet, though the drop isn't very steep, much like the Holiday World version.

The park released the above point of view trip on the ride, which gives us all a great idea of what the experience will be like.  It's pretty easy to notice that there's basically no theming around the course, or landscaping for that matter, but that's probably because those finishing touches weren't added.

While this ride type may not be the most thrilling around, I'm sure it will serve as a ride that families will enjoy, and there's quite a few North America parks that could use something similar to it.


Unknown said...

I am reluctant to compare this ride to Pilgrim's Plunge. It looks like a great ride and the lift system is similar to PP. But, this is a coaster that splashes not a shoot-the-chute water ride. To give this ride the "title" of tallest water ride is a bit flimsy to me.