Friday, June 8, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore Welcomes Sesame Street

Universal Studios Singapore, located at Resorts World Sentosa, has announced that the Sesame Street gang will be coming to the park starting in 2012.  No need to wait to see your favorite characters at the park since live shows featuring them are already playing, such as When I Grow Up, one of three 12 minute shows that take place in the New York section of the park.

The characters will also become a part of a regular breakfast event that guests may purchase tickets for, and there will also be plenty of Sesame Street merchandise available on property.

Of most interest to me is the addition that's received the least amount of detail - a new indoor dark ride that features Elmo and the other characters, located somewhere in the New York section of Universal Studios Singapore.  Stating only that the ride will open in the second half of the year, I haven't seen any other descriptions or concept art.

While I'm not expecting a ride the caliber of Transformers, I'm curious to see what Universal Creative comes up with for the Sesame Street characters.  There can never be too many dark rides in the world!