Sunday, June 3, 2012

NPN May 2012 Poll Results

In May our poll asked which of Intamin's custom designed, launched coasters in North America was your favorite.

© Cedar Point

Maverick at Cedar Point pretty much ran away with this one.  In the end it gathered 35% of the total votes.  The ride features a unique combination of quick transitions, inversions, and airtime along with a beyond vertical drop, and a launch in the dark.

The ride that got closest to Maverick to finish in second place was also at Cedar Point, Top Thrill Dragster.  Even the 420 foot tall ride's impressive statistics could only get a total of 14% of the votes.

Starting with third place many rides finished close together.  The third spot went to Busch Gardens Tampa's Cheetah Hunt with 9.9%, but close behind were Hersheypark's Storm Runner with 9.7%, and Kings Dominion's Volcano had at 9.5%.

Proving just how unscientific these polls are is the fact that Kingda Ka, Top Thrill's bigger brother with a nearly identical layout, finished with only 8%.

We're going a little different in direction with this month's poll, comparing only two coasters, both proving to be some of America's most intense.  Which is your winner?


Surya said...

Just rode iSpeed in Mirabilandia. It's very similar to Maverick in many ways, and just as awesome. If you ever get to Italy, don't skip it, the visit to the park is totally worth it because of this coaster, but they also have an excellent B&M inverted!