Monday, June 18, 2012

Aerial Antics: More New for 2012 Coasters

Moving Deja Vu from Six Flags Magic Mountain clear across the country to Six Flags New England was no easy task.  In order for Goliath, as the ride was renamed, to fit into the park a large section had to be cleared, and that included the park's shoot-the-chutes.

In the above image, via Bing, the park as it was last season is seen.  In the lower shot, from Google, Goliath has made its presence known.  It has been fodder for many jokes, but you can just see the edge of Flashback in the top of both images, positioned almost the exact same as Goliath eventually was.  In another twist, Flashback was also relocated to the park!

Ocean Park, located in Hong Kong, has undertaken a multi-year expansion that included several new themed areas, one of which is a traditional carnival themed land.  Part of it is the Hair Raiser, which is a custom designed B&M floorless ride that hangs on the edge of a really huge cliff.

In the foggy image on the left, from Bing, the entire project can be seen under construction.  Over on the right from Google is a view of the carnival area complete, along with Hair Raiser.  I'm not sure if that river rapids ride at the bottom is part of another themed section, but I do know that at the top is an arctic themed area that includes a powered coaster named Arctic Blast.  I believe that's scheduled to open this year.

France's Parc Asterix cleared a big section of woods to install this year's star coaster, a B&M inverted ride named OzIris.  The ride has a heavy Egyptian theme to it, and also a very unique layout for its class of coaster.

OzIris may look an awful lot like Montu from Busch Gardens Tampa in color and theme, but the ride is small and much more compact.  Like Montu, it even features a first of its kind element for a B&M inverted, a dive loop just after the twisted first drop.