Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Closer Look at Cedar Point's Luminosity

© Cedar Point

Cedar Point's new nighttime spectacular, named Luminosity, is now running nightly at the famous amusement park.  What I believe to be the brainchild of the company's new CEO, Matt Ouimet, the show is intended to keep guests at the park longer, and create a completely different, party-like atmosphere across a large spread of the Point.

The show includes a large cast of singers and dancers, a DJ, a rather impressive stage, new lights on certain rides, a couple cirque style performers, water drummers, pyro and more.  The park has released a video that gives a great feel for the show:

Much more modern than many shows that have premiered at different Cedar Fair parks, Luminosity is definitely geared toward a younger audience.  

Personally I'm quite interested in the success of the show at Cedar Point because of the possibility of the show opening at additional parks in the future.  Cedar Fair (and most parks, for that matter) have long looked for a reason to keep guests at the park into the evening.  Apparently Cedar Point sorely needed that boost as well, and thus Luminosity was born.  I'll be interested to hear the effects the show has on the park's crowds as the Summer rages on.

For some additional photos of the show and the atmosphere at Cedar Point during Luminosity, check out this gallery.