Monday, June 4, 2012

Apocalypse Previewing at Six Flags America

One of NPN's readers, Sam, recently visited Six Flags America in order to take part in the season pass holder preview they were having for Apocalypse.  He sent along some shots of the ride in action, so let's check them out!

As we know the ride was moved from Six Flags Great America, and replaced Six Flags America's aging water ride, Skull Mountain.  The new coaster features an end of the world theme, and a brand new, much moodier paint scheme.

The positioning of the ride features it prominently in the Skull Island section of the park.  As for the area around the ride, Sam writes that "the theming may just be the best the park's ever done - the crashed vehicles everywhere, the skull from Skull Mountain, new pavement and flashing lights on the fence around the ride and even a fire effect like on other Six Flags coasters!"

You can get a neat comparison shot of this photo, taken by Sam, to when the ride was known as Iron Wolf from a shot taken by Carol and featured in their deconstruction story from last year.  Both feature the ride's train roaring down the first drop.

Apocalypse features two different inversions, all taken while riders are standing upright.  This includes the vertical loop seen above, and also a corkscrew that takes place closer to the end of the ride.

Guests are taking their "last stand" when they go for a spin!  Regular guests to Six Flags America can get a ride on Apocalypse starting June 7th.  Thanks to Sam for sending in the photos!