Monday, June 18, 2012

Texas Flyer Rises at Galveston Pleasure Pier

One of the last rides to be built at the all-new Galveston Pleasure Pier is the Texas Flyer, a 200 foot tall Star Flyer that's situated near the end of the pier.

Above is the foundation for the ride, which shows just how it sits out right on the edge of the water.

The ride arms go on the Star Flyers before the main tower is built, and here we see the carriages being carefully lifted into place.  That's the Iron Shark custom roller coaster sitting in the background of the image, which is already open to visitors.

And after some quick work, the 200 foot tall tower is nearly complete.  Since the pier sits well above the water the peak of the ride will really be 230 feet above sea level.  I rather enjoy the blue and white color scheme of the tower, how nicely it blends in with the sky!