Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Black Widow Now Open at Kennywood

Pittsburgh's Kennywood Amusement Park has opened their latest thrill machine, the Black Widow, to excited visitors.

Replacing the park's aging free fall, the Black Widow is an amazing ride both for riders and spectators.  Located in the Lost Kennywood section, the ride sits along the edge of the drop off to the river below, the same hill that the Phantom's Revenge regularly plummets down.

Riders, 40 at a time, sit on a large ring of seats located at the end of the 90 foot pendulum.  The disk then starts to spin as the ride lifts passengers up to a maximum of 120 degrees above the ground, up to 146 feet over spectators on the midway below.

Needless to say, it's quite a thrill.  In celebration of the ride's grand opening Kennywood has released an on-ride video of the Black Widow.  Don't watch if you get queasy too easily!