Thursday, September 1, 2011

X-Flight for Six Flags Great America!

While we're impressed by all of the announcements that Six Flags has made today, one of the highlights has to be X-Flight, and all-new Wing Coaster to be built at Six Flags Great America for the park's 2012 season.

X-Flight represents an instillation of B&M's latest coaster design, known as a Wing Coaster.  The massive 4-across trains feature seats that have nothing above, or below, riders.  The larger style trains traverse the course in almost elongated looking elements, including 5 different inversions.

"Six Flags Great America has a long history of introducing legendary rides and first-of-its-kind roller coasters,” said Hank Salemi, Six Flags Great America Park President. “What makes X-Flight so unique is soaring through 3,000 feet of high-speed drops, loops and turns, with nothing above or below you. The coaster’s train actually looks like a plane with seats suspended on either side of the track. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced before. We are thrilled to bring this revolutionary wing coaster to our guests for the 2012 season.”

X-Flight's bright red track, and black supports, will take the coaster weaving through several theming elements along the course.  Seen above is one of them, a low to the ground hangar of sorts that the train will glide through.

One of my most anticipated elements of the coaster is seen above.  The coaster will come around a curve and it will appear as though it will slam into this tower - only to start a full heart-line roll that will see the train slice through the center, with what looks like tight clearances! 

So far only one of B&M's new Wing Coaster designs has opened, and that was Raptor at Italy's Gardaland.  Another, named Swarm, is planned for next season at Thorpe Park in England.  X-Flight is the first to be announced for North America, though another ride is rumored to open on U.S. soil next season as well.

X-Flight will be located in Six Flags Great America's County Fair section, and will start construction this Fall.  The ride has an expected opening of Spring 2012.


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