Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goliath Dominates Six Flags New England in 2012

Six Flags New England, boasting an already impressive coaster collection, will add yet another coaster for the 2012 season. Relocated from Six Flags Magic Mountain, the newly-renamed Goliath will be constructed on the site of Shipwreck Falls, the park's shoot-the-chutes water ride in Crack Axle Canyon.

Courtesy of SF Press Release

This Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang model will join Flashback, the park's traditional Boomerang model. Although similar in layout, the ride experiences are significantly different and complement each other well. "Goliath" is a fitting name for this imposing structure, which will dominate the skyline and is sure to create a new wave of visual excitement for park guests.

While the track will remain the same colors, the park reports that they will receive a new train for Goliath, with riders seated 4 across in 8 cars.


Surya said...

I still don't get why you would put a second Boomerang in a park, especially not right next to the other ones.

Ryan said...

I like how in the video they use a clip of X Flight going through a loop and Kingda Ka rolling back.