Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Checking In On Bayern Park's Freischutz

Since being announced almost a year ago, Germany's Bayern Park has been had at work getting their new coaster, named Freischutz, installed and open to the public.  The ride is a launching X-Car coaster designed by Maurer Sohne with a compact layout that includes several inversions.

Well, the ride is now open and it sure looks like a zippy little coaster!

Freischutz just opened in the latter part of August, but as you can see above has had no problem thrilling passengers since.  The ride is short - only about 1,580 feet long, but still manages a 50 mile per hour LSM launch followed by a 79 foot inverted top hat element, and four more inversions.

The trains that are used on the ride look very open and feature only a lap bar.  For a complete gallery of photos of Freischutz operating, check out this link to Coasters And More.


Surya said...

What? It shoots through the station at the end and than rolls back? What is Maurer thinking? Hey guys: capacity!