Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go Big, Drop Big at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2012

Like a dream come true, Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced that a pair of 400 ft. free falls will be added to the side of Superman The Ride in 2012.

Named Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, the ride will be the tallest vertical drop ride... in the world.  I love coasters, really like log flumes, but outside of those freefalls are pretty much right up there next in line.  Hence, it goes without saying that Drop of Doom's 5 seconds of pure freefall, reaching 85 miles per hour, have peaked my attention.

Many fans of the park have wondered if a freefall could be built on the side of Superman, and I suppose we know the answer now.  Ever since Dreamworld opened the Giant Drop (390 feet) in 1998 many have salivated at the prospect of Magic Mountain following suit, myself included.

The park has released this video which gives a nice preview of the interaction between the freefalls and the Superman cars racing up the tower.


Surya said...

Intamin drop tower + 400+ ft = gotta love it!