Friday, September 2, 2011

Kings Dominion and Kings Island Make 2012 Announcements

Yesterday was a very busy day for new attraction announcements, and there was one that actually slipped through the cracks: Kings Dominion.  The park's 2012 season will be highlighted by the company's 6th Windseeker ride to be announced.

Much like its siblings, Windseeker at Kings Dominion will stand 301' feet tall, swinging riders around in the air at 30 miles per hour.  The attraction will be located in the park's Grove section, adjacent to the Xtreme Skyflyer and Hurler.  With the El Dorado flat ride now listed for sale, it seems like Windseeker's location just might be in its former home.

The park will also build the third installment of Dinosaurs Alive, a pay extra attraction that will feature 36 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs along the path.  The attraction will start near Grizzly's entrance, and stretch along a 3,000 foot walking trail.

Both attractions are part of a $7.5 million capital expansion for the park's 2012 season.

Kings Island also made a major announcement today - the park's water park has been renamed Soak City and will feature a $10 million expansion next year.

Soak City will receive a brand new entrance area that will feature a new building, completed with new landscaping, trees, walkways, and other features.  This will make a much nicer impression on guests visiting.

The largest single new attraction will a second wave pool for the park.  The new one will be larger than the original, at 650,000 gallons, and feature more aggressive, 4 ft. waves.  It will also have tons of lounge space, adding capacity.

Click for a much larger image

The park's lazy river will no longer be lazy when it transforms into Action River.  The attraction will feature "an interactive area for spectators and river guests, new waterfall features, rain curtain, tipping buckets, spray hoses, spray units and turbulent water effects."

The expansion will also include more amenities, such as large grassy areas for lounging, more cabanas, and even a larger party-cabana.

More details on the Soak City expansion are available from Kings Island.