Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hersheypark Feels the Wrath of Lee

I don't much enjoy covering the gloom and doom of events like the flooding taking place right now in the Northeast, yet some of the photos I've been seeing of Hersheypark are a bit jaw-dropping.

While I care about these parks that are flooding my thoughts are with the millions of folks being affected by the floods up in my neck of the woods.

Here's Hersheypark's entrance, above taken from the Street View of Google Maps, and below an image that can be found on Twitter.  I'm thinking someone from the park might have taken it, as it's actually from inside the gates, not the other way around.  As you can see, what is the first bit of park that greets guests is totally submerged, focus on the arches of the entrance structure and the umbrellas for a height comparison.

We've seen the lower section of Hersheypark flood several times in the past, but I think the water is the closest to actually touching Storm Runner that I've ever seen.

The section of Comet Hollow where the creek directly flows is always flood prone, but this looks especially bad.  The Skyride should be well above the ground, not just over the surface a bit, and Great Bear is not a water ride!


Randydorney said...

This really breaks my heart!! :( I was going to have a TweetMeet in October this year! :(

Seeing these pictures is making me to change my mind that it won't happen.

This is really bad for Hershey Park I've seen in years!! :O :(

This is really sad! I hope Dorney Park isn't bad or maybe worse? :( ?