Thursday, September 1, 2011

Great Adventure Gets Greater!

Images Courtesy of SF Press Release

Six Flags Great Adventure, along with the rest of its sister parks, unveiled plans today to add multiple new attractions for the 2012 season. The high-flying SkyScreamer will join three family rides: the classic bumper-cars, Scrambler, and the Flying Elephants.

At 15-stories above the ground, SkyScreamer will be placed next to the park's Ferris wheel. The ride can accommodate 32 guests at once, spinning them at 40 mph above Fantasy Forest. Bumper cars and a music-themed Scrambler will help round out the new offerings in the area, and the Flying Elephants, which used to reside in the Golden Kingdom, will help enhance the family experience.

The park's press release also mentions that Six Flags Hurricane Harbor will improve its speed slides by incorporating launch capsules to send riders plummeting down the chutes through a trap door. According to the park, “drop boxes are an innovative, exciting addition to our already thrilling speed slides, they are not for the faint of heart.  The sheer anticipation of waiting for the floor to drop will have our guests’ adrenaline pumping.”