Thursday, September 1, 2011

Take A Stand: Apocalypse at Six Flags America

2012 will be the year to stand up to your fear at Six Flags America, with the addition of the Apocalypse coaster.  The park's star attraction for next year, Apocalypse will be a stand up roller coaster that will be moved to the park from Six Flags Great America.

The ride will take over the location that was once home to the park's Skull Mountain flume ride, who's retirement was announced earlier this year.  Apocalypse features a 100 ft. lift hill, followed by a 90 foot drop.  The ride starts with a vertical loop, and features 2,900 feet of twisted track after that, including a corkscrew - all with speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.

The stand-up coaster will be the park's 8th, joining other popular rides such as Superman - Ride of Steel, Batwing, and Roar!  Apocalypse has a planned opening of May 25th, 2012, but season pass holders have a planned sneak peak the weekend before.