Saturday, September 17, 2011

Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2012 - Verbolten

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has finally confirmed the name and theme of their brand new coaster for 2012: Verbolten.

The ride, which will serve as a replacement coaster for the Big Bad Wolf, was announced at the park's season pass holder appreciation event today.  Truth be told, the park is still keeping parts of the ride a closely guarded secret, but some details have emerged.

Key visual for Verbolten, © 2011 Busch Gardens

 “Verbolten offers the latest in roller coaster technology,” said Park President Carl Lum while addressing an enthusiastic crowd inside Busch Gardens’ 2,000-seat dining facility. “When Verbolten opens in spring 2012, coaster fans will feel the exhilaration of multiple launches and a few surprises that can’t be found anywhere else in the United States.”

Guests will approach the ride and enter a German tourist center in advance of the autobahn touring experience that awaits them.  The scenic trip through the German countryside is quickly detoured into the forbidden Black Forest, filled with two launches, sound and light effects, and environmental theme elements.

Off they go!

Verbolten is being constructed by Zierer, out of Germany - how fitting!  The ride's track length is 2,835 feet, with a maximum speed of 53 miles per hour.  The ride's final drop will plunge the trains 88 feet downward toward the river below as a finale to the 3 minute, 25 second ride.

Stay out of the Black Forest!

The ride will employ five separate trains, each seating 16 riders.  To keep Verbolten family-friendly the coaster will only have a 48 inch height requirement.  Still under wraps are details of the ride's finale drop, as well as the mysterious events to take place inside the coaster's large "event building."

Larry Giles, VP of Design and Engineering for the park points out that "everyone of our coasters is unique, and Verbolten will be the same.  We've got a multi-launch coaster system, surprises in the building with very unique theming elements inside, with surprises around every corner and a very strong finish.  This ride will be fun from beginning to end."

This is the only video preview released of the ride thus far, but the park promises additional previews as time passes, specifically through QR codes found inside Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  For now, the park is well under way in building Verbolten.

© 2011 Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Williamsburg also took the opportunity to announced this year's line-up for Howl-O-Scream, which they promise will be scarier than ever.  Themed to the "Dark Side of the Gardens," the event will be ramped up to feature more attractions and scares in celebration of the event's 13th year.