Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pitt Fall No More

I'm going to take a guess and say that Kennywood ended up finding a buyer for it's Intamin freefall ride, named Pitt Fall.  Earlier this year it was discovered that the ride was for sale, though its removal from the park was dependent on finding a new owner.

This news article from the Pittsburgh area has confirmed that the ride will be removed, and its last day of operation will be this Sunday.  The new owner has not been named by the park, but they did say it won't be moved to another Palace Entertainment property.

While I'm bummed to see a great freefall such as this one removed from any park, at least Kennywood is saying that a new ride will replace it.  What kind of ride remains a mystery, at least for now.

I have no doubt that the new attraction will be thrilling, I just hope that it takes advantage of the crazy hillside location that Pitt Fall has.  The view from the top of that 251 foot ride was simply amazing!


Dave said...

Lots of real estate back there. I would hope they could find a way to expand upon that "lost kennywood" idea. I feel like the focus for that was lost on the addition of Pitt-Fall and the Screamin Swing. It would be nice if they could put a star flyer back there was a modern GCI or Gravity Group creation and a Ferris Wheel. The park could really use another area to disperse the crowds. Those rides would really round out a nice classic collection.

Surya said...

Intamin freefalls are great and should only be removed to be replaced by bigger Intamin freefalls :)