Friday, September 23, 2011

Dorney Park To Feature Dinosaurs Alive in 2012

The dinosaurs are invading! At a meeting with the local township, Dorney Park revealed that they are planning on opening Dinosaurs Alive at the park in 2012.

A photo of the similar attraction at Kings Island

The attraction will feature a 2,100 foot long path covering 3.3 acres in the woods located behind Steel Force's station, currently where the Backwoods Haunt attraction is located.  Along the path will be about 37 life-size animatronic dinosaurs, several of which can have their movements controlled by guests.

The area will be an up-charge attraction, though the specific amount has not been revealed by the park.  Dorney plans to reveal details and more information on the attraction at a later date - which makes sense as this wasn't an official announcement.

Kings Island opened the first Dinosaurs Alive attraction at a Cedar Fair park this summer, and since we've seen both Cedar Point and Kings Dominion announce similar attractions for next year.  Judging by the number of dinosaurs and length of the walking path, Dinosaurs Alive at Dorney Park will be the smallest one of the four.

Also of note from the meeting was that the park got approval to modify their height ordinance with the Township to allow replacement of taller rides to not count against their total limit.  Essentially this means that Stinger will replace Laser in the count, and not push them closer to their maximum amount of tall rides.

The park also received the okay to expanding their parking lot to the 6.75 acres of land they purchased earlier this year.