Saturday, September 3, 2011

NPN August 2011 Poll Results

With much of the season already behind us, we asked our readers what was the top of the new-for-2011 U.S. class.  The results were overwhelming aimed at one ride in particular:

Busch Gardens Tampa's Cheetah Hunt.  The ride basically wiped away the competition, at least in this poll.  Cheetah Hunt ended up with 55% of the total vote, putting it massively ahead of the second place finisher.

Which actually went to Six Flags Over Texas' New Texas Giant, which had 21% of the total vote.  The third spot went to Six Flags Great Adventure's the Green Lantern, a transplanted ride - but only at 7%.

The rest of the rides all received a generally similar number of votes, the details of which you can check out above.

The September poll is now live.  After a week of announcements, we can see a clear picture of how Six Flags is using their capital next year, and many of Cedar Fair parks are announced, too.  The Sea World Parks have made announcements early, or have rides planned that we all know about.

It's a bit of an interesting year for how additions played out, and I'm curious to see what everyone thinks was the best route to take.