Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get Twisted With Superman at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

If I were giving out awards for the best kept secret addition in the group of those announced by Six Flags today, the hands-down winner would be Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with Superman: Ultimate Flight.

I mean, who saw this one coming?  Rumors persisted that Pandemonium, Discovery Kingdom's spinning coaster, was going to be removed, but I think few saw an attraction like this taking its place.

I mean, just look at it!

Pretty nuts, right?  Look how long that section is up top with no supports!  The ride starts out with a launch that takes the train only partway up that first vertical twist.  After gaining more speed on a second run, the 12 person trains fly up to the top at a cool 62 miles per hour, then hit some trim brakes before the next section.

That "next section" is a heart-line roll that's taken quite slowly - oh and did I mention you do this 150 feet above the ground below you?  I think I also forgot to point out that the trains only have lap bar restraints!

Once the trains complete the roll, and riders finally breath, the trains hit another quick trim that leaves them dangling over the edge of a twisting vertical drop.  Down they go, up into a non-inverting loop, only to rotate again on the way down to the station area.

Superman: Ultimate Flight's 863 feet of track packs a punch, that's for sure.  I'm a wee bit concerned about the ride's capacity, but having such a unique creature of a ride almost cancels that out!  Premier Rides is creating the coaster for the park.

Now that I've described Superman's crazy antics, see for yourself.


Surya said...

Interesting, unique and a capacity nightmare. I wouldn't mind riding this, but I wouldn't want to queue for this for very long.

Austin Ray said...

Its not unique. Its a rip-off of X Coaster at Magic Springs.

Except they added a loop.

NewsPlusNotes said...

I think it is pretty unique. The X Coaster uses a lift, this is launch. The top inversion is up-down, instead of down-up. Then there's the whole loop you mentioned.

Same style of ride, sure. But it's still unique to me.