Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Green Lantern Arrives at Movie World Australia

Warner Brothers Movie World, located in Australia, has announced the addition of a new coaster, named the Green Lantern.  The ride appears to be an El Loco model provided by S&S Worldwide.  The park is advertising the ride as having the steepest drop in the Southern hemisphere.  Previous installations of these rides have featured beyond vertical drops of up to 113 degrees.

The park has also released a bit of a teaser video from the ride, including some animation of the coaster:

It also seems that the ride might use a new style of train, which would allow for eight passenger cars, doubling the ride's capacity.  Additionally, as seen in some of the art released by the park, these new trains only feature lap-bar restraints - both changes could greatly improve the ride experience.

The Green Lantern is schedule to debut this December, which marks the start of Australia's Summer season.