Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Manta's Growing at Sea World San Diego

Sea World San Diego first announced plans for the park's new coaster for 2012, named Manta, back in February of this year.  Since then they've been hard at work clearing the space for the ride, and pouring footers.

Now, in some photos the park has shared on their Facebook account, we can see that after much work the ride now has several supports in place:

Due to some rather stringent height restrictions that the park has to deal with, much of Manta will stay close to the ground - this is quite apparent in the photo above.

The ride is being designed by Mack, and will feature two LSM launch systems to send trains up to 43 miles per hour over the 2,835 feet of track.  The park  promises more updates in the future, and it sounds like track is set to be placed soon!