Sunday, April 3, 2011

The "New" Intimidator 305 Opens

Kings Dominion started their 2011 season this weekend, and that means we got our first peek at the redesigned first turn on Intimidator 305.

As seen in the well done video above, the turn pretty immediately starts going uphill how, but the change allowed the trims to be taken off the first drop. Reports are coming in that the ride is much more closely back to its former, pre-trim self. A collective sigh of relief from fans with that news, I'm sure.

In other Kings Dominion news, the park's stand-up coaster Shockwave received a nice new paint scheme this year - the ride is now Raptor/Hydra colors!  Looks nice.


Surya said...

Excellent news, as I'm planning on going to KD in May for the first time, I very much look forward to riding it a couple of times!